A Case of Hypothyroidism – I felt warm after many years……….Thank you so much!

“I felt warm after many years. You know I didn’t wear any socks past four days. Feeling awesome. Thank you so much.” I wasn’t surprised at all when Mrs. S said this to me on her second appointment. She had been on Synthroid for her Hypothyroidism since last 7 years and had always been chilly. She had to wear socks even during summer time. During her initial consultation she was in tears while narrating her complaints. She was verbally and emotionally abused by her husband. She was under immense stress but still wanted to help people in need. Her case was very clear and straightforward. I prescribed three doses of Pulsatilla 200 and saw the positive results in the very next appointment. Few more follow up consultations were done and she is off of Synthroid now.

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Homeopathy and Nausea management during Chemotherapy

Nausea and vomiting are usually common side effects of certain chemotherapies. Currently nausea is well controlled by Antinausea medications or antiemetics. Despite this some patients still suffer from nausea.


Now the question is can homeopathy provide any support to bring relief to patients suffering from nausea? Homeopathic remedies being gentle and safe, can certainly provide supportive care to the patients suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy. Let us see how and which homeopathic remedies can minimize the side effects of treatment without disrupting the curative treatment in progress. Remember homeopathic treatment can be used as complement to the usual treatment but should never replace the actual treatment.

Individualization is the key to success in homeopathy. For homeopathic treatment choose one or two remedies according to matching symptoms. You can take 6-7 pills of 30C potency.

Nux vomica: This remedy is generally indicated when patient feels worse after eating or taking lot of medicines. Patient always feels better after vomiting. There is constant feeling of nausea after eating in the morning time. Patient might have sour and bitter eructations.

Ipecac: In cases of constant nausea, with profuse salivation and no relief after vomiting. Patients’ tongue is usually clean or slightly coated. There is sinking feeling in the stomach.

Colchicum: There is nausea, vomiting, and faintness from the odor of cooking food. Distention of abdomen with gas, feeling as if it would burst.

Sepia: nausea at the sight or thought of food. There is painful sensation of emptiness in stomach which is relieved by eating.

Arsenicum Album: there is burning thirst but patient cannot drink as stomach does not agree with water. Takes only small sips. Gastric complaints after eating cold fruits, ice cream, cold water, and strong cheese.

Tabacum: deathly nausea aggravates with motion. Violent vomiting with cold sweat. Patient feels better in cold fresh air. There is feeling of coldness in abdomen but uncovering abdomen relieves nausea and vomiting.

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Can Allium Cepa help you with your Hay Fever?


The onion is among the world’s oldest cultivated plants. Onions were well known as a folk remedy for everything from blood cleansing to bee-stings. Onions contain a volatile oil that stimulates the tear glands and the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, causing the eyes and nose to water.

Allium cepa is a homeopathic remedy made from red onions is often indicated for hay fever at early streaming stage of cold when the sufferer complains of watery eyes, and a copious burning nasal discharge that makes the nostrils and upper lip raw and sore.

Homeopathic remedies work on the individuality of the person. Each person suffering from hay fever might not need Allium cepa. Check if allium cepa can help you.

The main symptom picture of Allium cepa

• Complaints often from cold, damp, penetrating winds
• Copious watering of eyes, bland watery discharge
• Watery and acrid nasal discharge which excoriates the skin
• Watery nasal discharge and obstruction goes from left to right nostril
• There might be cough that produces a raw and splitting sensation in the larynx.
• There might be congestive headaches
• Person feels worse in warm and stuffy rooms
• Person feels better from fresh air

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Workshop: Managing Stress and Anger

A one hour workshop: Learn the simplicity of how to choose and use homeopathy to treat emotional states and blow away those negative feelings!

You will learn to:
-Reduce stress, anxiety and anger.
-How to verbalize your feelings.
-How to manage feelings more effectively.
Understand how to manage your stress, anxiety and emotions and stay positive.

**How to register**

Preregistration is required as space is limited to 10 people per workshop – secure yours now…

By calling us at 905-727-2929
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Or email us at: gitanjali@homeohealthcenter.com
DATE: Friday Nov 15th, 2013
TIME: 5:45pm to 6:45pm
PLACE: 38 Wellington Street East, unit 2, Aurora, ON
ARRIVE: 5:45pm sharp- registration
COST: $35.00 per couple or $20.00 per person

Cost includes extensive handouts that summarize the material covered—and snacks!
Homeopathic kits and individual remedies will be available for purchase at workshop.


What is constitution in homeopathy?

The term homeopathic constitution encompasses all of the characteristics of a person. It defines the person as a whole taking into consideration that there is a strong connection between physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. A constitution is neither a personality … Continue reading


Homeopathy for the side effects of Radiation Therapy

Radiation and chemotherapy are used to treat cancer, but these take a heavy toll on your immune system. Homeopathy can help those who are seeking an alternative therapy to relieve the discomfort of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Homeopathic remedies can … Continue reading

What is Homeopathy?
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Homeopathy is an alternative medicine discovered and developed by a German allopathic physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1794 which is based on the principal of law of similia which means like cures like.
According to this principle a substance that can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in an unhealthy person when that substance correctly prepared as a homeopathic remedy—can stimulate the body’s curative powers to overcome similar symptoms during illness.

Homeopathic medicines work by addressing the totality of your physical, behavior, and emotional symptoms, the effects of a variety of environmental influences, lifestyle, and patterns of disease within your family. This way homeopathy treats the whole person addressing the root cause of the disease not just the symptoms.

Homeopathy is the gentle and safest mode of treatment.