Homeopathy For Autism

Receiving the diagnosis of Autism is a life changing event as it leads to a kind of despair and feelings of hopelessness in the parents. Parents feel devastated, as they are told that ASD is mysterious and there is no cure. The diagnosis is not the end of a process but the beginning. Classical homeopathy has been used with some success to both alleviate mental and physical symptoms, and sometimes to cure individuals with autism. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that deals with treating the person as a whole. It is a system that treats the whole person rather than just focusing on the particular disease or condition. Homeopathy is based on the theory of similia similibus curanter i.e., like cures like which means the substance or medicine which that can cause symptoms in a healthy human being can cure the very same symptoms in a diseased person.

In classical homeopathy, remedy selection is done by a Homeopath. It involves addressing the person in totality by looking at his/her behavioral symptoms, physical symptoms, emotional and mind symptoms, genetic weaknesses (also identified as miasms or constitutions) and other environmental factors like vaccinations, drugs etc. As Homeopathy works on the individuality of the person so, if there are two children with Autism, they may require totally different homoeopathic medicines based on their individualized symptoms. If the remedy is correctly selected on the totality of symptoms, then improvement may be seen in all areas.

Homeopaths try to determine the individual’s susceptibility, i.e. Individual weaknesses in the vital force, to both cure and prevent a re-occurrence of symptoms. The first effort should be to take a full case and give the remedy that most closely matches the individual’s expression of their disease. It is a widely held belief in many circles that the MMR vaccine has catapulted ASD to its current level of epidemic proportion. To the extent that vaccines have been involved in a particular case, the potentized vaccine may also help. Other sources of information include the reactions to various stressful events in the patient’s life, such as accidents, vaccinations, shocks, frights, illnesses. These events are not the cause of autism but may inform the remedy choice.

The parents, of course, are a main source of valuable information. How do they feel about their child? Is the parent resentful, sympathetic, or perhaps simply baffled by their child? What is the parent’s chief complaint? Are the parents concerned with vociferous behavior, or are they more concerned with the child’s apparent aloofness?

Unless you find this main complaint, there is no way to find the remedy. Simply stated, to find this main problem as it is expressed in multiple repeating expressions and symptoms. If a particular theme is indeed central to a case, it should be seen in multiple examples. To illustrate, if anger is considered central to a case, one would like to see at least 30 or 40 examples of anger, manifesting in different situations and environments. Modalities must also be considered. Again, these modalities should show a pattern. If the child is angry from music, lights, and in Chinese restaurants, there is a pattern of anger from sensory stimulation. This then becomes significant.

Totality is defined by repeating patterns and cycles. Stresses which repeatedly cause the child to react in a consistent manner are the key to understanding this totality.

Please do not try to treat your child yourself. Homeopathic treatment of autism is very challenging as the homeopath deals with various layers and tries to understand the individual well enough to select the true simillimum. When a remedy is found that resonates, the effect is usually quite evident and significant improvements can be seen.

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